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We are people of faith, seeking to eliminate semi-automatic weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines in our state, our nation, and around the world.  After the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, December 14, 2012, it is time for us to say ENOUGH!  There is no excuse for civilian possession of semi-automatic weapons or high capacity ammunition clips.  Our children will not be safe at school, in a mall, or in a theater until we take these weapons out of circulation!

Before you do anything else , watch the video below.

The name “Pray the devil back to hell” is drawn from a film documenting the Liberian women’s peace campaign, in which the women of Liberia put an end to a bloody civil war that was killing their children — they engaged in a continuous interfaith prayer vigil over a period of months until finally a ceasefire was negotiated and UN peacekeepers entered Liberia.  They proved to the entire world that non-violent action could put an end to war.   This website is not sponsored by or connected to the filmmakers of  “Pray the Devil Back to Hell”, Fork Films LLC, or the Liberian activists featured in the documentary. 

The war we are fighting is the war against innocent people being waged by those who use and possess semi-automatic weapons.  The Sandy Hook massacre and the Clackamas Town Center Mall killings demonstrate that  when well-intending citizens possess semi-automatic weapons, mass murderers will steal and use them to slaughter perfectly innocent citizens.  There is no effective defense against these weapons — there is no way to secure the future of our children — other than to ban them outright, along with the high capacity ammunition magazines that turn them into weapons of mass destruction. This site is designed to provide you with resources to lobby government officials, organize prayer vigils, boycotts, demonstrations, and other non-violent protest actions to put an end to these tragedies. Please join us.  Take the message to your legislature.  Take the message to Congress.  Take the message to the President.  Take the message to the arms manufacturers who shamelessly profit from manufacturing these weapons.  Take the message to our mis-guided fellow citizens who believe that possession of these weapons is legitimate and proper.  We must rise up as a nation and resist this evil.  NOW — not when more dozens of innocents have been murdered.

5 thoughts on “Join us!

  1. For one, you don’t know anything about firearms. And, you do not know anything about our United States Constitition and our rights and freedoms. I am sorry for all of the loss of life that happened at sandy hook , but, no one is saying a word about the criminal that committed the act of premeditated murder. I am a veteran of our military, I am a parent of 7 children, I am also the assistant pastor of my church and an avid sportsman. I enjoy hunting and fishing and I enjoy target shooting. I also enjoy the freedoms that are given to me by my 2nd Amendment that allow me to own, collect, and keep firearms. I took an oath when I joined the military that did not expire when I received my honorable discharge that says I will defend and protect our country, our Constitution and our people against ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC. Therefore, being a highly trained weapons expert, If I choose to own a semi-automatic sporting rifle, not an assault rifle, like you folks are lying and telling everyone that they are, to defend and protect my family, then I will do it. For your information, a semi-automatic rifle is not an assault rifle. They may look like an assault rifle but they are not an assault rifle due to the fact that they cannot fire several rounds automatically with one single pull of the trigger. A semi-automatic only fires one round for each pull of the trigger. Sounds like someone needs to do some research on their own and stop following the desires and the agenda of a communist influenced government that we now have in place. I am a taxpayer and I am a law abiding citizen, I am not a criminal. Don’t be like hitler and help then repeat history. I know I won’t.

    • I have done the research and people can see for themselves on the video I posted. The video shows that a semi-automatic weapon with a slide stock can be “bump fired” so that it is not necessary to pull the trigger more than once to have multiple rounds fired. The firing rate on the video is extremely high, much more rapid than one would ordinarily expect from a semi-automatic, and vastly greater than from non-automatic weapons. It is also easy to convert semi-automatic weapons into automatic weapons. The ramification of these facts is that shooters who obtain semi-automatic weapons, either lawfully or through stealing them, can successfully kill more innocent people more rapidly and it is more difficult for anyone to resist them, including law enforcement and the proposed NRA “school guards.”

      As a former lawyer for the U.S. Justice Department, I also took an oath to defend the Constitution. However, I do not believe the Second Amendment, properly interpreted, prevents Congress from passing laws regulating the types of arms that members of the public can possess.

  2. It is NOT easy to convert a semi-auto to full auto. If it were people would be doing it all of the time. It generally requires considerable precision machine work and specialized knowledge. When was the last time yu heard of a shooting involving a FULLY AUTOMATIC weapon? Maybe about never, unless, of course, you were around during the days of Al Capone & his type. The narco terrorists and even mass killers in the US simply don’t use fully automatic weapons.

  3. You say that you are people of faith. I would like to know what faith you are referring to. I also am a person of faith as is Dennis Leisure whose comment is above. Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and is a member of the Trinity and that to become a Christian one needs to follow what Paul says in Romans 10:8-9? Since by your comments you seem to idolize Barack Obama, have you seen the recent copy of Whistleblower, a magazine put out by
    Christians which pretty well documents the fact that Obama is indeed a Muslim?

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