Take Action


Step One: View the AR-15 Video above

Iimagine that you are a volunteer in an elementary school that has been locked down because there are men with rifles on school grounds.  You and the custodian standing at the front door (or the armed guard) are determined to do your best to stop them.  Now if they have a double barreled shotguns, you have a chance to stop them.  (PS I’ve been in that exact situation).   After all, that’s what the heroic teacher in Taft, California did.  And he succeeded in preventing a mass shooting.

Now imagine they come through the doors with  the weapon in the video.  Just take two minutes and watch it.  Then tell me that unsupervised civilians ought to have those weapons freely available to them.  Just watch.

Step Two: Devote 10 minutes to calling your Congressional representatives and telling them “STOP THE MADNESS!”

Justice and Peace Action Network

26 reasons for gun controlDespite the unrelenting and terrible toll taken by gun violence year after year in the United States, Congress has done distressingly little to address what has become a major public health threat.  While tragic incidents of gun violence like the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Aurora, Colorado and Oak Creek, Wisconsin draw national headlines, in many communities across the country, the impact of gun violence is a day-to-day reality.Members of the faith community have long advocated for sensible, responsible policies to end gun violence. The 20th UCC General Synod spoke prophetically on this issue with a resolution entitled “Guns and Violence,” which invited UCC members and congregations to advocate for legislation to strengthen licensing and registration of gun sales, strengthen regulations of gun dealers and ban semiautomatic assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips.The faith community has come together many times in the aftermath of gun tragedies to urge lawmakers to pass laws that prevent gun violence and this week we do so once again. Tested by our grief, resolute in our faith we remain committed to continuing this drumbeat.Take action! Write or call your elected officials and tell them that it is time to take concrete steps to address gun violence. 

Do something each day — or 7 things a week — to reduce gun violence.


Sign the petition to ban semi-automatic weapons and high capacity ammunition clips http://www.causes.com/causes/433134-pray-the-devil-back-to-hell/actions/1716475

Visit the FB Page https://www.facebook.com/Praythedevilbacktohellwordpresscom?ref=hl


Join us any day the legislature is in session to talk to your elected representatives.  Meet on the north side in front of the Oregon Capitol Building at 1:30 pm.  Look for a Raggedy Ann doll.  JOIN US!

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