Methodist minister in Baton Rouge, Louisiana speaks about assault weapons

The topic of gun control has made its way to the pulpit at Broadmoor United Methodist Church, where pastor Fred Wideman has begun a three-week sermon series called “Waging Peace.”

A gun owner, Wideman supports the Second Amendment and describes himself as a conservative, “but when it comes to some of these issues, I tend to agree with many of the recommendations of the president.”

Wideman said he doesn’t see any use — beyond “annihilation” — for magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, and he questioned whether the Second Amendment protects the right to own certain assault rifles.

“If Jesus were here and went down to Plank Road at midnight tonight, I don’t think He would carry a weapon with Him,” Wideman said. “I think the people He would meet and visit with would find themselves mysteriously disarmed by His love, and they would find and experience a deeper form of security than they’ve ever known.”

Wideman said Baton Rouge has a “serious issue” with violent crime that “is going to require something that legislation cannot do, and that is the building of community and intercepting some of these families that are hurting.”

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