OBAMA positions

President Obama’s response to the Sandy Hook massacre is starting to take form

On Monday, Obama met with  Vice President Joe Biden, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius regarding an overall response to the problem.  This suggests that mental health and other approaches are on the table in addition to gun control legislation.  On Tuesday, the White House indicated that Obama would support U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s effort to craft legislation to reinstate an assault weapons ban as well as a  law to close a loophole related to gun-show sales.  In addition, Obama is willing to consider limits on high capacity ammunition clips.

Obama has spoken to some Democratic gun rights advocates about their openness to these measures.  Obama spoke on Tuesday with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, one of the three Senate gun rights advocates who have said they are open to revisiting some gun control legislation.   The White House stated that Obama is  ” heartened, I should mention, by what we have all heard from some members of Congress who have been longtime opponents of gun control measures, common sense gun control measures like the assault weapons ban and the like.”

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