Talking About Gun Violence

From Crisis Management Institute

Expanded Guidelines

For teachers, administrators and counselors

As we anticipate conversations in the classrooms across America about what happen at Sandy Hook Elementary, we are continuing to upload helpful resources. There are a couple of interviews uploaded and an expanded guideline for schools. We hope to upload another video about talking with children later today. Continue to check the website as we won’t send out more emails with each new set of uploads.

Please feel free to send emails or call with additional questions or needs.

Guidelines for Monday morning are at this link.

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

We will continue to add to this resource page as we know what else would be helpful. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 503-585-3484 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            503-585-3484      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email Cheri at with the kinds of needs you see and we’ll work on getting resources uploaded. We’ve added more specific guidelines for conversations with students and will upload a parent guide soon. Please respect the copyright by leaving the downloads intact, complete with the copyright and contact information at the bottom of each page. You can make as many copies or forward in any ways you’d like, with that caveat.

If you would like to leave Cheri a comment, please see her blog post on the shooting.

Let us know what else you need!

Guide to Supporting Teachers, Secretaries and School Staff

Talking With Your Children/Students About the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting (PDF)

Guidelines for Administrators, Counselors, and Teachers – Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting (PDF)

There are additional, more general guides on our “Free Resources” page.
Don’t hesitate to send an email to for more specific questions.

Please consider liking us on Facebook and use the forward feature to let parents, colleagues and schools know where to find our resources and updates.

We have a whole selection of free downloads for parents, teachers, counselors and administrators at this link.

We’ve decided to re-institute the CMI Summer Academy so we can again offer advanced training to those who would like to become more highly skilled in prevention and response, and for those who are in key leadership positions in their buildings. We will offer a West Coast session, and with enough interest, will provide one on the east coast as well.

Bless us all in the days to come as we stand by those so grief-stricken in Newtown. Our hearts are broken. May this be the watershed moment in our country that can move us toward an open and civil conversation about how we might better address the causes of these tragedies.

Cheri and the CMI Team

Cheri Lovre
Director, Crisis Management Institute
Salem, OR 97308
503-585-3484 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            503-585-3484      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

5 thoughts on “Talking About Gun Violence

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    • NB:this site does not take a position against all guns, only semi-automatic weapons. There are legitimate uses of other guns such as hunting rifles that should only be regulated (eg background checks) and NOT banned. The characterization of this site as “anti-gun” is inaccurate. To term it “rabidly” anti-gun says far more about the author of the comment than the site.

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